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Wish ico
First Love

Tender bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums

Price: 564 grn. In stock
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Delivery city Kiev
The gentle white color of this bouquet symbolizes purity and innocence in all senses: the purity of relations, the purity of women, the purity of intentions and thoughts. The composition is perfect for expressing gratitude to a good person, as a gift for a first date, and also for simply improving your mood. It is enough to send such a bouquet to a sad girl in the heat of the weather to give her a joyful holiday on a summer sunny day. The composition includes roses, white chrysanthemum flowers and beautiful ornamental foliage. Allow yourself and your family a little innocent excitement - congratulate them with a good morning by sending this delicious white bouquet.

Composition: 5 pink roses, 3 branches of white chrysanthemum, 1 rose bush.
Decoration: fleece, satin ribbon, ornamental foliage

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First Love

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Tender bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums
Первая любовь
, Англия

Хочу сказать огромное спасибо Вам за вовремя доставлен букет моей сестричке в день рождения.Цветы очень свежие и красивые.Заказ делала с Англии неделю назад и вот все доставлено.Удачи вам и всего светлого в вашей работе.❤️❤️

Первая любовь
, NY

Cool! 10Q!!!! U're THE Best!!!!

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