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SunRose return policy

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and Art. 707 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the flowers cannot be exchanged or returned:
- Because the flowers are highly perishable goods, it is obvious that maintain (s) or presentation properties is only possible under special conditions;
- Children's soft toys, food (candy, fruit, cakes) cannot be exchanged or refunded in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 19, 1994 № 172.

Despite the fact that virtually all of the delivered products are not subject to return or exchange, in accordance to the current legislation of Ukraine - refunds, exchanges and re-deliveries company does on its own initiative, reserving the right to refuse a refund or exchange.

1. An appeal against an order can be accepted for consideration if it is filed within one day (24 hours) from the date of the order.

2. The order of interaction of the Company with the Client in the event of a complaint:

2.1. The client registers a complaint by sending it to Anonymous complaints, with the wrong order number, contain profanity and offensive language are not considered.

2.2. The Company shall notify the Client of the receipt of the complaint within one day (24 hours), and then perform an internal investigation into the situation in a period of not more than 7 working days from receipt of the complaint. After investigation, the Company gives the Client a reasoned answer to his complaint.

2.3. Complaints about the quality and freshness must necessarily contain pictures. Images sent a day later (24 hours) from the date of execution of the order is not considered.

2.4. Consideration of the complaint may be suspended because of the profanity, the lack of response from the Customer within 7 days, or the absence of the provision of the photos are not on time (if the photo is necessary to examine the complaint).

3. The reasons for the onset of the date of return.

3.1. Order delivered at the wrong time:

3.1.1. The company makes no warranty, and disclaims any responsibility with regard to the time of delivery. Time, specified recipients during the call is a priority.

3.1.2. The company makes no warranty, and disclaims any liability regarding delivery time, in the days of mass demand for services (International Women's Day, Valentine's Day - March 7-9 and 13-15 February, respectively) - these days all orders are delivered in during the day.

3.2. Poor quality goods or absence of all order components:

3.2.1. If at the time of delivery of the order recipient, the flowers were not fresh - Client has the right to replace the delivered flower arrangement (because the company cannot control the conditions of storage of flowers after their ceremony - a complaint on the quality can only be accepted within a day the date of the order). The complaint must be accompanied by photos, which may determine the state of colors the day of receipt of the order.

3.2.2. If any other component, except for color, has a quality look - it is to be replaced free of charge.

3.2.3. In the absence of any component in the order - Company delivers the missing component of the order recipient free of charge. This paragraph shall not apply to the free services of the Company (note cannot be exchanged or re-delivered, even if the carrier for any reasons it is not presented).

3.2.4. Flower arrangements, which have been modified according to the replacement policy (as some flowers are seasonal, SunRose company reserves the right to change the composition of the bouquet up to 20% while maintaining the overall appearance and value of the components) are considered fulfilled properly and prepared in accordance with the claimed composition flower arrangement.

3.3. Not fulfillment of the obligations regarding the service:

3.3.1. The company makes no warranties about the Recipient pictures of flowers or gifts at the time of delivery. The order is executed correctly and completely even if the picture was not made (or made in bad quality).

3.3.2. The Company makes no guarantees about the delivery sms and email notifications. Reasons not deliver SMS messages can be as follows: the operator refusal to receive SMS, overflowing memory Client phone contains incorrect phone number on the order form, etc. Reasons not deliver email messages can be as follows: the client's mailbox is full, incorrectly specified email address of the client, presence of filters impermeable message, etc.

4. The procedure for a refund:

4.1. The refund is made in the next business day after the decision of the refund.

4.2. If a refund is made by returning the payment with a debit or credit card (which was placed on the site automatically, using the acquiring systems), the funds provided to the Client's card within 10 business days after the occurrence of the time of return.

4.3. If the Company has made a return for the wrong bank details are provided by the client - the return is considered held in the presence of facts or documents confirming the return of the Company is on the details provided by the Client.

5. The Parties shall be released from its obligations under this Agreement as a result of force majeure.

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