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One of the most popular indoor plants with extremely varied colored large bell-shaped flowers. Amaryllis have virtually no odor. Recently amaryllis often confused with Hippeastrum. Hippeastrum crossed with African amaryllis and the light produced incredible beauty of hybrids, which have two or three large flower to flower arrow. Therefore, in our homes, it is most common hybrid amaryllis. Amaryllis bloom in February and March. Code for the soul has a feeling of spring, on the windowsill, you can enjoy the glorious colors of the distant African deserts and steppes of South America.

Care: a dormant period the plant requires little or no watering. A rest period is in the summer. The plant is carefully poured off the pallet, making sure that the substrate is not dried out. In February transferred to a warm place and not watered until the peduncle. When you see the flower arrows put on a bright window and pour warm water to defend, but so that water can not reach the bulb. Before the advent of flower arrows height of 7-10 cm. Watering should be moderate. Otherwise, go to the growth of leaves and flowers do not develop.

Note: The presence of a need to clarify the manager. The colors in the range.
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