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Wish ico
Bright Summer

Box of multi-colored roses

Price: 1450 grn. In stock
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Delivery city Kiev
What is the most pleasant thing in the summer? Of course, there is an abundance of bright, sunny colors and shades that inspire us to feats, creative accomplishments, new achievements. Bright flowers will improve mood, open up a new side of life, turn a weekday into a sparkling holiday. Do you want to give such a holiday to a loved one? Then you should choose this bouquet as a presentation. Well, we will deliver the composition on the right address in time.

Сomposition: 5 Grand Prix or Prestige Red Roses, 5 Aqua Pink Roses, 5 Ilios Yellow Roses, 5 Avalanche White Roses, 5 Wow Orange Roses.
Decoration: beige box, oasis.

Note: the box may differ slightly from the photo.м
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